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As relaxed as working in a home office can be, it is often sedentary. This can be very harmful for the back and general well-being. Reason enough to integrate healthy, dynamic sitting into everyday…
Working whilst standing up is right on trend. In the future, every desk that is bought new, should be height-adjustable. That is the recommendation from occupational health professionals and…
With this chair, the new generation of gaming chairs enters into the next level. Stylish camoufl age look in gaudy colours. Not only the gamers’ hearts will beat faster!
The extra thin back has been constructed in such a way that the mesh covering can be put on easily and within seconds using thread forming technology.
Following the success story of the Sitness S‘neaker model, there is now a revolution in the field of kids chairs.
TOPSTAR's new office chair generation celebrates its premier at this year's ORGATEC.
"Meeting in Motion" - this is the new motto for dynamic meetings in modern offices.
The SITNESS WHEELER is a particular highlight of the booth.
The dining room collection, which will “DYNAMICALLY” make your evening beautiful.
TOPSTAR amazes the gaming scene with products that are increasingly tailored to the requirements of professional gamers.
Sitness RS - the new gaming chair for 2017! Even at a distance, this series is the embodiment of sportiness. The Sitness RS collection is inspired by the interior design of modern sports cars.With…
In today's fast, complex, and sometimes even confusing work environment Henner Jahns designed the SITNESS DESK with the goal to create a product that will help the user to re-focus on the task ahead…