Working whilst standing up is right on trend. In the future, every desk that is bought new, should be height-adjustable. That is the recommendation from occupational health professionals and orthopaedists. But who can manage to stand for longer at work?

That is why TOPSTAR has created the new standing and sitting alternatives called SITNESS H1 and H2. The foundation is a completely new design of base in the foot that offers very agile sitting comfort with its specific profile. The users can therefore work at different heights up to the height of a standing work station in a sporty way.

Two seat forms - two personalities
In a cool and contemporary way, our designers have re-interpreted the seat geometries specifi cally for the higher sitting positions. The saddle shape of the SITNESS H1 is based on a bicycle seat, that always gives perfect grip to its users. With its triangular shape, this stool is an perfect all-rounder for an individual pleasure of seating. And those who want to be even more adventurous, can attempt previously unimagined heights with the skateboard seat of the H2 model, for offi ce work or a brief "stand-together". With just a quick movement, both SITNESS H models can be carried anywhere to a spontaneous brief meeting.