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Apple was founded in 1976. However, other successful brands were also founded in the same year. While Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak were tinkering with their first computer in a garage in Silicon Valley, Michael Wagner was creating his first office chairs in his father's small chair factory and, in June that year, he founded TOPSTAR GmbH along with his wife, Christine. At that time, no one could have foreseen the company's meteoric rise over the next 20 years.

Together with their three sons and production manager, Franz Gail, they shaped the company into one of the most innovative seating manufacturers in the industry. Today, more than 450 employees and chair enthusiasts develop and produce well over a million chairs per year at the company's site in Langenneufnach, southern Germany.

We might not have invented the art of sitting down, but we have certainly improved it! After 40 years of research, we have developed a patent that keeps you moving while seated and is already being used in millions of office chairs.

The best designers now develop chairs for us for almost any application and are laying the foundations for our subsequent product generations that will hopefully keep people in motion for another 40 years - on TOPSTAR chairs, made in Germany.