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Feel the movement, live the design.

Dynamic - a keyword in our time. It is ubiquitously in our everyday life and at work. It is the motor which keeps us in motion. This brings decisions, plans and projects in motion.

We show you dynamic in the office from it`s most pleasant aspect: The WAGNER office swivel chair Alu Medic with the unique Dondola-technology. It keeps you body in motion while working and in this way gives you dynamic and wellness, where it probably surprises you the most: in every sitting position - to sit still by yourself was the past.

Enjoy the new, moving sitting feeling with WAGNER

Kinderlachen.net FOUNDATION
Give joy and reduce suffering

For many years now the family Wagner, besides their occupational engagement, endeavours to help kids and youths welfare regional and nationwide.

The Michael Wagner foundation "Kinderlachen" is a public foundation of the civil rights and supports only charitable and benevolent purposes. The foundation was established on the occasion of the sixtieth birthday of the founder, Mr. Michael Wagner sen., on the 19.February 2003.

It supports all sectors of the works with kids and youths. Especially needy, disabled or homeless kids, day-care centres, nursery schools as well as corresponding aid organisations are being supported.

Every Euro, which the foundation received, goes without deductions to the respective supporting organisation.