TOPSTAR's new office chair generation celebrates its premier at this year's ORGATEC.

The extra thin back has been constructed in such a way that the mesh covering can be put on easily and within seconds using thread forming technology. Completely without adhesives and screw connections, the chair series also does without additional foam and other materials during the process of fabric covering. Following the idea of today's sustainability discussion, we are able to manufacture an environmentally friendly and extremely lightweight product that leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to comfort.

The basic version is equipped with a standard seat mechanism that can be adapted to the user's individual requirements in terms of angle and height, with just one movement. Those who want to be more comfortable, can simply choose the Deluxe version with a re-developed synchronous mechanism which can be adjusted to the person's body weight.

SITNESS X - back training at work
The SITNESS version of the new Open X series offers unrivalled sitting comfort where the seat allows automatic three-dimensional movement, thanks to the patented SITNESS joint, in addition to the comfort mechanisms. This means the chair automatically trains the user's back during sitting based on circular movements of the pelvis, turning sitting into something very healthy - guaranteed as well as tried and tested millions of times in the TOPSTAR SITNESS Collection.