As relaxed as working in a home office can be, it is often sedentary. This can be very harmful for the back and general well-being. Reason enough to integrate healthy, dynamic sitting into everyday home office life.

In the 2010s, the average working time of employees in the home office was just half a day, even though the topic of "working from home" was already on everyone's lips at the time. In practice, however, it was often difficult to implement this correctly. Do all employees even have a study or an adequate workspace to work undisturbed? This was certainly one of the central questions that arose in this context - and the lack of equipment ensured that in practice only very few people were able to "enjoy" the home office. And today? Those who can, sit most of the time (of necessity) in the home office - sometimes more, sometimes less well equipped, because many companies have still not taken the time to take care of ergonomic, healthy equipment for their employees. This is a pity, because especially in the home office there is the danger of moving even less than when working in the office: after all, the distances from the bed to the desk, to the toilet and to the kitchen are not as long as the way to work, the walk to the canteen or to the photocopier at the other end of the corridor or the midday walk with a colleague.

Everyone spends about ten hours a day in a sitting posture. A lot of time, which, if bad chairs are used, can lead to back pain and incorrect posture. In view of the current 15 to 18 million potential home workplaces, it is important for the future to design them ergonomically and with movement: After all, employees who are ill or unable to work sometimes cost the company a lot of money.

For this purpose, we offer chairs with a patented Sitness technology that separates the rigid connection between the chair frame and the seat surface, thus enabling dynamic sitting. This gives the user a three-dimensional sitting sensation in which the back muscles are permanently activated and even trained and built up. This is ensured by the micro-movements that are exercised practically all the time while sitting. In addition, the freedom of movement in every direction ensures more active sitting. The intervertebral discs are relieved, blood circulation is stimulated and the ability to concentrate and the willingness to perform increase as a result.
In addition to office swivel chairs in different versions, the Sitness family also includes conference chairs and sit-stand stools - with and without saddle seat. The chairs are not only available in different fabrics and with mesh or upholstered backs, but also in a wide range of colours. In terms of function and design, everyone can find the design that suits them.
For more than 40 years now, we have been working not only in the chair sector, but also for home office furnishing. For some time now, we have also been offering height-adjustable desks to ensure maximum movement in the home office.

The chair family Sitness has something for for every "seat type three-dimensional movable models ready.

Also for the conference table or the dining room dining room at home Topstar chairs with movable seat.