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The Sitness chairs have a dynamic connection between the lower chair base frame and the seat. This enables a completely new sitting feeling which permanently activates, trains and builds up the back muscles - by itself! Sitness swivel chairs and sitting alternatives are training your back and spinal column. They relieve the intervertebral discs and enable a permanent freedom of movement while sitting. While sitting they additionally stimulate the blood circulation, improve the ability to concentrate and increase the motivation. All this enables a completely new feeling while sitting.

Sitness moves!


Everyone spends over 10 hours per day in a seated position. So that's a lot of time which you simply shouldn't spend on low quality chairs - that can lead to poor posture and back pain.

The unique Sitness technology in our chairs ensures a three-dimensional sitting position and keeps you moving while seated. The freedom of movement in every direction guarantees more active sitting, which exercises your back muscles without you being aware of it, and helps prevent back pain.

The advantages of Sitness?

  • Trains your back and spinal column
  • Relieves the intervertebral discs
  • Guarantees freedom of movement
  • Stimulates the blood circulation
  • Improves the concentrativeness
  • Increases the motivation and commitment

The unique Sitness technology separates the rigid connection between the lower part of the chair and the seat and creates a dynamic connection between the two.

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Hey ich bin Veronika und bin seit September 2011 bei Topstar tätig. Nach meiner Ausbildung im Unternehmen zur...

Hey ich bin Veronika und bin seit September 2011 bei Topstar tätig. Nach meiner Ausbildung im Unternehmen zur Industriekauffrau bin ich kurz darauf in der Export-Abteilung übernommen worden. Mittlerweile bin ich nun die Ansprechpartnerin für den Innendienst bezüglich Angelegenheiten rund um den Internationalen Topstar Export. Dabei gefällt mir am besten, dass die Arbeit eine abwechslungsreiche Vielseitigkeit mit sich bringt und ich mich auf internationaler Ebene mit unseren Kunden austauschen kann. Nach meiner Ausbildung konnte ich mich zusätzlich weiterbilden und habe nebenberuflich meinen Bachelor Abschluss gemacht.


Mein Favourite ist der Sitness Urban Valencia – so vielseitig und modern einsetzbar. Ein moderner Klassiker.


Hey, I'm Veronika and I've been working at Topstar since September 2011. After my training in the company as an industrial clerk and shortly thereafter I was taken on in the export department. In the meantime, I am now the contact person for the office staff regarding matters related to the International Topstar Export. What I like most about my job is that it is very varied and I can exchange ideas with our customers on an international level. After my apprenticeship, I was able to continue my education and earned my bachelor's degree part-time.


My favorite is the Sitness Urban Valencia - so versatile and modern to use. A modern classic.


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