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1. The warranty period for TOPSTAR - swivel chairs, executive chairs, visitor chairs and seating stools is 36 months from date of ex works delivery. The warranty period for all models of the category "my project" is 60 months.

2. The warranty conditions are valid for Germany only.

3. Spare parts are delivered by TOPSTAR for free within the warranty period against return and check up of the faulty parts. Freight and transport costs will be charged to the customer. This regulation is not valid for deliveries that are notified as defective within the first six months upon delivery to the contract partner.

4. If TOPSTAR offers after-sales services, the following regulations will be valid: During the first six months the service will be for free, afterwards the costs will be charged.

5. The warranty period will not be discontinued by an executed specified performance.

6. The TOPSTAR warranty period does not include parts that are subject to wear and tear (e.g. castors, upholstery fabrics, etc.). It also does not include defects that are subject to inaccurate handling (e.g. defects due to bumping and ripping), defects that are due to non-observance of the instruction manual, and defects arising from extreme climatic conditions (e.g. heat, humidity, etc.)

7. Basis for the TOPSTAR warranty period is a daily use of eight hours. If the chair is used in shift operation, the warranty period will be shortened accordingly.