In today's fast, complex, and sometimes even confusing work environment Henner Jahns designed the SITNESS DESK with the goal to create a product that will help the user to re-focus on the task ahead and on what's important. SITNESS DESK is the re-imagination of the simple desk, translated into the modern time.

Design: The design of the SITNESS DESK is best characterized by it's clear and simple shape. It's minimalistic look makes the desk compatible with a large variety of environments, from cozy home offices to modern corporate office spaces. The materials used (metal, glass, wood) convey a sense of significance and stability and allow for a built quality that is timeless, just like the design itself.

Features: The SITNESS DESK offers just the right combination of features. The desk is particularly well equipped to function in today's modern office spaces. The rounded ergonomic edge makes working at the desk a more comfortable experience, and a tempered glass panel gives the user a sense of privacy and prevents objects from falling off the back edge. There are two dock-shelves supported by the glass that can be used to store small items, can be configured to work as book ends, and, most importantly, function as universal docks and charging stations for any type of smart phones or tablets, holding any charging cables in place when not in use.

An exciting additional option is the planned Stehausatz, which is soon to complement the table program. Within seconds, the SITNESS DESK is converted into a standing desk. It allows the user to change the posture frequently, thus complying with the current ergonomical suggestions for work spaces.

Summary: The simple and focused form factor, the smart selection of features, the built quality: the entire SITNESS Desk has been designed to re-invent the simple desk: timeless, simple, focused, and affordable - simply SITNESS DESK.