Sitness RS - the new gaming chair for 2017! Even at a distance, this series is the embodiment of sportiness. The Sitness RS collection is inspired by the interior design of modern sports cars.With elaborate stitching and side upholstery, these swivel chairs offer extraordinary moving sitting performance with a long-lasting guarantee thanks to the three-dimensional SITNESS joint.

The e-sports and gamer community is growing ever larger. Whether professional gamers, hobby gamers or amateurs, all players spend many hours sitting on their chairs in front of their PC or console each day. In addition to excellent gaming hardware and software, having a proper gaming chair is a top priority for these players! It was therefore only logical to use our patented SITNESS joint to provide a solution. Hours of concentrated sitting harms not only the back, but also the mind. The SITNESS joint therefore ensures that the player experiences continuous gentle movement. Although this is barely noticeable, these micro-movements are important to the body, as they keep the intervertebral discs supplied and strengthen the deeper musculature. However, not only the body is kept in motion - the mind also stays fresh for a longer period of time, improving the player's concentration in the gaming finish and possibly tipping the game in his or her favour.

Another highlight of the model are the new, coloured wheels. As an option, coloured clips can be mounted on the high-quality castors to complete the motor-sport feeling.


Sitness RS Bob

Perfect as a partner seat for the Sitness RS or simply on its own - the Sitness RS Bob cuts an impressive figure in either case. With its striking upholstery, this sporty seat is easy to integrate into any room and gaming cockpit. It also brings sitting in motion to the gamer community - for extra fun and better health while playing!

A large-scale social media campaign will ensure a successful market entry. Via Facebook ads, product testers are being recruited who should then publish their product reviews of the Sitness RS on their own channels. It is planned that well-known gamers will support the viral concept and ensure high traffic to the microsite.