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Stylisch und komfortabel im Home-Office - Der Topstar Head Point SY.

Stylish and comfortable in your home office - The...

topstar_gmbh · 01.12.2022

Wir wünschen einen gemütlichen ersten Adventssonntag! 🕯️
Falls Sie sich bis jetzt noch keine Gedanken über das passende...

topstar_gmbh · 27.11.2022

Der neue @sitness_official Air Work zeichnet sich nicht nur durch seine unverwechselbare Optik aus, sondern ist mit dem...

topstar_gmbh · 19.11.2022


In unserem hauseigenen Qualitätssicherheits- und Prüflabor werden höchst technische und...

topstar_gmbh · 12.11.2022

#tb Orgatec2022

Wir blicken zurück auf eine erfolgreiche Orgatec 2022. Beim #wagnerdesignlab waren dieses Jahr alle...

topstar_gmbh · 09.11.2022

Arbeiten im Stehen ist total in. Doch wer schafft es schon bei der Arbeit länger zu stehen. Deshalb haben wir bei...

topstar_gmbh · 02.11.2022


Welcome to Topstar, one of the most modern manufacturing companies for appealing swivel-, executive-, visitor- and kids chairs as well as alternative sitting solutions for every sector.

Through our Sitness collection we are also the leading producer in the sector of fitness office swivel chairs with a three-dimensionally moveable seating surface. Our unique Sitness joint makes it possible for us:

TOPSTAR moves!

Sitness RS
model series
Chairs for the Players

Sitness moves!

Sitness swivel chairs and sitting alternatives are training your back and spinal column. They relieve the intervertebral discs and enable a permanent freedom of movement while sitting. While sitting they additionally stimulate the blood circulation, improve the ability to concentrate and increase the motivation. All this enables a completely new feeling while sitting.


Experience our fantastic world and discover your personal partner for your home or office. For every sector we have a wide range of swivel chairs, executive chairs, stools and many other great sitting solutions for all possible application areas.


SINCE 1949


With one of the most advanced manufacturing plants for swivel chairs, executive chairs and visitor chairs throughout the world, Topstar in Langenneufnach produces up to 10,000 chairs daily in an unexampled variety on five different manufacturing lines. The product choice ranges from children- and youth swivel chairs to professional office chairs and to luxurious leather executive chairs. One of the most modern logistical systems on this sector ensures this smooth production process and the punctual delivery to customers all over the world. The in-house design- and model-building department permanently develops new and highly innovative products and after severe quality tests in the testing department they are finally manufactured - so "made in Germany" is guaranteed.

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