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  • 1) The height adjustment does not work. What can I do?


    After assembly, ensure the push-in fitting is in place by sitting down heavily on the seat.

    To adjust the swivel chair height, the right-hand lever (looked at when sitting on chair) underneath the seat must be pulled firmly upwards. There must be no weight on the seat!

    If the lift mechanism still does not raise the seat, you can help pull up the seat the first time. The best way to do this is to put your feet on the 5-star base on the ground and pull the lever with your right hand while pulling upwards on the seat with your left hand.

    Instructions 1008-LIFT2

  • 2) How can I replace the lift mechanism?
  • 3) How do I mount the wheels on the base?


    The wheels are factory-equipped with a small split ring washer. This clamps the castor pin firmly in the base. The pin must be inserted completely into the locating hole in the base.

    It is best to lay the base on its back in order to push the castor wheels into place from above. Hold the base firmly on the floor by one of its arms. With the other hand, take a castor wheel and place the pin at a slight angle to the locating hole on the base. Now press the castor pin firmly into the hole, twisting back and forth, until the pin is completely inserted. The twisting motion presses the split ring together and this makes it easier to insert. In difficult cases, you may also wish to grease the pin a little. ( Video castor wheel assembly).

    Video castor wheel assembly

  • 4) How can I take my chair / stool apart again?


    To dismantle, simply follow your installation instructions in reverse order. Basically, only individual adjusting knobs or screws need to be loosened.

    For how to separate the push-fit on the centre cylinder from the base and the seat, please refer to the dismantling instructions for the Toplift under Section 2.

    Instructions 1008-DEMO

  • 5) How does the single-lever tilt on my leather executive chair work?


    In this case the lever has two functions. Firstly, the height adjustment and also the tilt function. To activate the "tilt function", the lever must generally be pulled out sideways to release the latch. By pushing it in again, the tilt can be locked. However, this is possible only with the backrest in the upright position. Locking the inclination angle is not adjustable.

    Video tutorial Ortega MF