The SITNESS WHEELER is a particular highlight of the booth.

This unique construction also comes from the mind of Andy Dittrich, with its first appearance at Gamescom 2018. The idea for this unusual exhibit is based on a scene from "Star Wars". According to Andy Dittrich, there is no better way of demonstrating movement than with a wheel.

With a little help from his designer friend Robert Reichert, he implemented his idea. Thanks to its fabric cover, the Sitness Wheeler looks lightweight, protective as well as futuristic and exciting at the same time. For Gamescom, the Wheeler was equipped with a Sitness RS Pro to be able to perfectly play the movement game "Collider 2" with virtual reality glasses. In this way, dynamic sitting could be experienced whilst playing with the Sitness Wheeler.

The Sitness Wheeler is designed to be more than just a new kind of table football for agencies. It is an innovative piece of furniture that meets the modern requirements for mindfulness, zones for retreating, smart work spaces, work-life flow and waiting situations. The applications created by the shape are almost limitless. When changing the width and the option of working with doors to create a small enclosed room, many more uses for the Sitness Wheeler concept can be established. In addition, the Sitness Wheeler can be configured for individual requirements with different seats from the Topstar collection.