"Meeting in Motion" - this is the new motto for dynamic meetings in modern offices.

Whether in waiting areas, conference rooms, meeting corners or in a bistro. No matter where people are sitting, movement must not be missing.

With the SITNESS FOR CONFERENCES series, we would like to bring the joy of "dynamic" sitting into rooms that, unfortunately, are often neglected in work places. These days, people spend a lot of time in conferences, team meetings etc., not just at the classic desk.

Furthermore, offices are becoming increasingly open, thus combining office and meeting rooms into a "living office". Moving visitors chairs do exist but a cosy, inviting look is something new in this area. We spend a lot of time at work. So it would be nice if you could create a "feeling of home" in your office using the furniture. Employees should feel good and enjoy their work.

Using different fabrics, models can be adapted to each individual concept or the company's own CI. In this way, the furnishings themselves can bring a whole new ethos to the company. SITNESS conveys movement, not just in the chair. SITNESS is a philosophy that stands for a healthy body as well as mind. If you feel good, you work well, you're motivated and ready to further your company.

SITNESS FOR CONFERENCES 1-5 offers different basic shapes as well as optional armrests. For the frames, in addition to classic chrome, wood, stainless steel as well as elegant powder-coated black are available. There is also a wide selection of different fabric or leather qualities and colours for the coverings.

SITNESS can also be experienced at an integrated high-level table. To go with the Conferencing series, the SITNESS BAR is a suitable match. Lounge chairs are currently particularly relevant as a complete solution in modern and innovatively designed office buildings. The SITNESS LOUNGE 10/20/30 models with matching foot support are an ideal addition. Of course, in the same fabric and colour selection as the conference room, therefore perfectly rounding off our SITNESS FOR CONFERENCE concept.

SITNESS brings dynamism into your meeting room and visitors are moved when waiting for their appointment. Focused listeners and innovative brainstorming session will not only cause a lot of "movement" whilst sitting but also in the entire company!