A classic, completely reimagined. The SITNESS BIKER BALL combines the ergonomic benefits of a saddle seat with three-dimensionally movable Sitness technology. The large seat is shaped as a complete air cushion whose hardness (and thus the movement intensity) can be individually adapted to your sitting habits via a valve (air pump included).

The sitting position enabled by the saddle seat allows an increased opening angle between the thigh and spine, thereby improving blood circulation and creating a more comfortable "gut feeling", since the organs have more space. The pelvis is also tilted slightly forwards and automatically straightens up the spine, while the air cushion in the seat provides a soft and flexible feeling while sitting. By enclosing the person sitting, the unique mesh backrest offers even better support of the spine. For adults, this model is equipped with a larger backrest and a higher gas spring so that the SITNESS BIKER BALL can also be used as a standing aid.

And of course, with such an inspiring model there needs to be a version for the "little ones" - the SITNESS BIKER BALL JUNIOR! A modern saddle chair for the children's room. In delicate pink, sky-blue or grey, the air-filled saddle provides fun and movement - and makes healthy sitting a child's play!