This series is characterized by an appealing cubic design.


Aside from the various chair backs, the two armrest concepts are also adding to the original appearance of this series.


A universal variety of options emerges from puristic wooden shells without upholstery to a completely upholstered design.


This series has a seat and back shell that are made of a single casting and are completely upholstered.This provides not only an unusual look but also a pleasant touch when used.

Sitness Lounge

Pure relaxation! Treat yourself to a little time out on a SITNESS LOUNGE chair. OTTOMANE complement the range and provide a wonderful opportunity to let your body recover from the daily grind.

Sitness Bar

The first bar stool with a three-dimensionally movable seating surface. This world`s first moving bar stool is revolutionising how we sit at kitchen counters or in bars.



The dining room chair with the 3-dimensionally moveable joint.

+ allows comfortable sitting for many hours on end

+ guarantees freedom of movement

+ relieves your back

+ lets you enjoy time with family and friends in comfort 

How it works Sitness for home!

Each person spends about 6 years of his or her life sitting at the dining table at home: a lot of time that should by no means be spent on bad chairs because that would result in a wrong posture and, as a consequence, in back pains.


Sitness for Home solves this problem. With a special 3D-movement joint, which dynamically connects seat and base frame, your body is kept in motion by soft micromovement while sitting and therefore supports your spine and back.

The patented Sitness hinge: High tech in detail

Vulcanisation technology imported from the automotive trade permits flexible connections between upper and lower section of the chair. This enables three-dimensional sitting.