Here you find the suitable swivel chair for your office. Whether executive, visitor or conference chairs, standing aids or chairs with a three-dimensionally movable seat.


TOPSTAR - IN THE OFFICE offers the perfect solution for every working environment.



AT HOME + Junior.

Not only at work but also at home you, at your private desk, you need an swivel chair on which you can concentrate and sit comfortably.


From sitting alternatives up to high end leather chairs - Also in your private Home-Office you don`t have to pass on design and functionality. My Home - My Topstar.




The new collection of the eight office and visitor chairs was designed especially for the discerning office and object sector. The models were designed to meet the needs of designers and planners for big office rooms who are placing high aesthetic standards in the selection of their office interior.


The quality and service from the beginning of the planning up to the realization makes Topstar a reliable partner.




Where highest demands are placed on the employees and materials also special chairs have to be used. Whether in the classic workshop or as a cleanroom variation, here you find the suitable specialist for your workplace.


Extraordinary circumstances, first class solutions - My Topstar.



Sitness + Junior.

Our swivel chairs with the patented three-dimensionally movable Sitness-system keeps you and your back fit.


Experience the advantages of sitting in motion in our Sitness world and discover the many different solutions - Always in motion, simply sitting healthy - My Sitness, My Topstar.



Sitness for home.

Be seated well while moving with Topstar's series "Sitness For Home." Spend comfortable evenings with your friends and family, sitting on our movable dining room models.


Sitness for Home - chairs that move your body, mind and soul. You will never want to sit differently again!