Data privacy

We are looking forward to your visit on our website. Within the internet, you often cannot recall what is happening to your personal data. As your trust in us and the secure and careful handling of your data is most important to us, we would like to give you an overview with this dta protecton notice. Here you can find how your personal data is handled on our website.


Validity of this data protection notice:

Please note that this data protection notice is exclusively valid for the websites in account of TOPSTAR GmbH. However, our websites can contain links to third-party websites and our data protection notice does not come into force for these third-party sites. We do not have a bearing on third-parties to adhere to the data privacy regulations. TOPSTAR GmbH provides for your personal data confidentiality by committing all employees to data secrecy in accordance with § 5 German Data Protection Act. Furthermore, safety precautions are adapted to the latest techniques and the internal data protectio officer provides for the adherence of the data protection notice.


Data, which are forwarded by using Browser- and Internet-technology:

Not ask for personal date, if information is retrieved from TOPSTAR websites, bus possibly the personal IP of your dta processor, date and time, type of browser and the system software of your pc as well as the visited sites are recorded.


Ask for personal date, if you send an e-mail to us, at least your first and your last name, your address (street, postal code, city) and your message, as well as voluntary information about your contact data (e-mail address, telephone- and fax number), to which we shall send our answer to or get in contact with you.


Surfing profiles in relation to personal data will not be stored or processed. Please keep in mind that this mean of communication is not suitable for sending confidential messages, as there is currently no option for data encryption.



Cookies are small text files which are stored on the pc of the internet user. Purpose is, e.g. to control the connection during your visit to websites. 


Use of your personal data:

Personal related data, which are given to us via the internet (e.g. name, address, telephone number or e-mail address) will only be used for communicating with you or are processed for the purpose you have given us your data for. We assure you that your data will not be given to any third-parties, unless we are legally obliged to or unless you gave us your permission to do so beforehand.


Your rights:

You have the right of access to your personal data, which were stored by TOPSTAR GmbH. You have also the right to have incorrect data corrected and to have data, which are no longer used, deleted, if there is no legal obligation to retain data. If this is the case, you have the right to get your data suspended.


Official procedural directory of TOPSTAR GmbH:

You have the right to inspect the official procedural directory of TOPSTAR GmbH.


Update of privacy policy:

This privacy policy will be updated if TOPSTAR GmbH changes their internet procedures or if internet security techniques are improved.


If you should have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the data protection officer of TOPSTAR-GmbH:
Switchboard: 0049 8239 / 789-0

Open Listing Procedure of TOPSTAR GmbH

The Federal Data Protection Act rules in § 4g, that the data protection officer can provice the following information in an acceptable manner to the public:


1. Name of the position responsible:



2. Management board:

Michael Wagner

Prof. Dr. Rainer Maria Wagner


Head of IT Department:

Markus Mertel


3. Address of the positions responsible:

Augsburger Straße 29

86863 Langenneufnach


4. Purpose of data collection, data processing, and data utilizaion:

Subject matter of the company is the manufacturing and the sale of seating - and other furniture of all kinds. For fulfilling this purpose, the company is authorised to establish, to acquire, or to participate in congenial corporations or corporations of similar type. The data collection, processing and utilization is used to fulfil the above mentioned subject of matter.


5. Description of the person group involved and the data or data categories concerning this matter:

Basically, personal related data are raised, converted and used for the following groups, as far as it concerns natural persons, and as far as these are required for fulfilment of the purpose stated under point 5:


Customers, suppliers (in gereral data of company, name address, identification-

and credit rating data, contract data as far as necesary for implementation of contract, sales-, payment-, and performance data, and, if need be, other data, if required for proper and appropriate consultation and handling).

Employees, apprentices, student apprentices, applicants, former employees, retired persons, persons entitled to support, as well as affiliated persons (in general valuation data such as job history, data about apprenticeship and qualifications, potential criminal record; contract- and settlement data including data for wage and salary administration as well as for income tax and social insurance; information on private- and company address, business operating area, transaction- and performance data; name and age of affiliated persons where applicable for social insurance; bank details, assets handed out to employees confidentially, contact data information; status of employee; qualifications; performace appraisals; job history; health data; emergency contact dta information including a list of chosen persons to be informed in case of an emergency for personal administration purposes, for communicaion as well as performace and control of certain transactions)

Representatives (in general for adminisration and controlling, for communication as well as for execution and control of transactions, bank connections, billing- and performance data, name-address-contract and control data)

Tenant and leaseholder (in general address- and contract data)

Contact persons of forementioned groups, also legal persons (e.g. contact data such as address, telephone- and fax number, e-mail data and supervising information)


6. Receiver or categories of receivers, to whom the data can be communicated to:

- Public positions, which obtain data due to legal regulations (e.g. social insurance agency, tax authorities, central storage location)


- Internal positions, which partially execute the business process in question (staff department, accounts department, bookkeeping, production department, purchase department, marketing department, sales department, order management, Controlling, planning department, service department, export department, product management, telecommunication and IT-department).


- External contractors (service companies) in accordance with § 11 Federal Data Protection Act for execution of data processing on our behalf.

- purchasing associations, credit insuracnes

- Further external positions, e.g. financial institutions (payment of salaries, vendor invoices) or other external positions for fulfilment of the issues stated under article 4, as far as the person concerned has given written instructions and as far as it is necessary to fulfil the contract or as far as the transmission is eligible due to predominantly justifiable concern.


7. General periods for deletion of data:

The legislator has issued multifarious record retention manuals, which in general call for a record retention of 10 years, but parially less than 10 years. Furthermore, variation of these manuals may occur due to statutory or contractual retention periods.

Upon expiration of those periods, the respective data will be deleted as a matter of routine, if no longer used for fulfilment of contract (e.g. contract of work and labor and services contract).

As far as data are unaffected thereof, they will be deleted if no longer used for any purpose.


8. Planned data transmissions to Third-party-cointries:

Data transmission to countries outside the European Union or outside the European Economic Area will only be carried out in exceptional cases if used for communicating with the contract partner and on his behalf or for fulfilment of the contract.