A TOPSTAR product must be "inspring", "modern" and especially "reliable".


For the brand TOPSTAR, which is described by the mentioned attributes, renowned designers are working for these characteristics and include their product ideas into our perfect working development process.


Only a product which corresponds with our brand values is being further developed and constructed in our factory in Langenneufnach near Augsburg for the series production. Before this product is finally ready for production and can be exported worldwide it once again is being extensively tested.


Only this way a chairs becomes a genuine quality product "made in Germany" by Topstar which "moves"!

Designer for TOPSTAR


Thomas Walser (Switzerland)


By combining an appealing design with functionality the products of Thomas Walser (Switzerland) are supposed to support sitting dynamically and at the same time to offer comfort and fun while using them.

Rainer Bachschmid (Switzerland)


A simple design in combination with high quality materials are the trademarks of Rainer Bachschmid (Switzerland). He has the extraordinary ability to give an identity to forms.

Stephan Mayer (Germany)


By developing the three-dimensionally moveable Body-Balance-Tec joint, Stephan Mayer (Germany) has invented a dynamic sitting system. Without this system the swivel chairs sector would be, from the today`s point of few, impossible to imagine.

Paul Brooks (France)


The specialist in the furniture design sector, can rely on his many years of experience, when he's working on projects. Paul Brooks (France) is distinguished by his flexibility, common sense and the love for detail.

Christoph Weisser (Germany)


The increasing desire for fitness and health is for Christoph Weisser (Germany) the starting point of his work. His design concepts are bringing the ideas to the point and are focused on the essentials.

Justus Kolberg (Germany)


Designer Justus Kolberg (Germany) is living in Hamburg and is working successfully with some of the most renowned companies from all over the world. Numerous national and international design prices are showing that Kolberg-Design always perfectly hits the actual spirit of the time by their developments.

Günther Böhme Germany)


It was Günther Böhme`s (Germany) idea to obtain a continuous and pleasant massage effect during your normal work. Günther Böhme achieved this goal by a sophisticated roll patent in the backrest. The resulting extraordinary design literally draws the attention in a homogeneous office to itself.